About This Learning Program

ABA 2018 Gold WinnerThe Goal Is Fairness includes the resources necessary to have a hands-on tenure evaluation workshop emphasizing the importance of clarity, consistency, candor, and caring. A short video, PowerPoint presentation, and facilitator’s guide make it easy for you to deliver this session to those involved in the tenure review process at your institution. Optional scenarios can be used to spur further discussion on applicability of these concepts to your specific situation.

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Getting Started

  • Quick Start Guide lock
  • Facilitator's Guidelock: Workshop leaders can access course materials through this guide
  • Topics in Tenure Evaluationlock: This collection of monographs related to tenure best practices and claims studies enables facilitators to further familiarize themselves with the subject matter. Selected readings can be shared with workshop participants.

Workshop Presentations

  • The Goal Is Fairness (Video): introductory video to be used in kicking off the workshop
  • Full Presentation (PPT)lock: includes tenure evaluation process best practices and questions to foster group discussion. This presentation takes approximately 30 minutes to administer.
  • Concise Presentation (PPT)lock: a shortened version of the Full Presentation which does not include group discussion questions. This takes approximately ten minutes to administer.
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