Preventing and Responding to Tenure Denial Claims

Tenure denials often result in claims from the unsuccessful candidate. Institutions can take steps along the way to manage the reaction to an unexpected outcome and help both the institution and the candidate cope and move on. This blog summarizes UE’s 2017 review of claims unsuccessful tenure candidates brought and lessons learned from those claims.

Education Secretary Announces Intent to Change OCR Title IX Enforcement

On Sept. 7, U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos announced that the Department of Education (ED) intends to replace Title IX guidance issued by the previous administration. Speaking at George Mason University, DeVos said the Department of Education (ED) plans to enter a notice and comment process to create new regulations to govern federal enforcement of Title IX as it applies to sexual misconduct.

Responding When Violent Protest Comes to Campus

In this increasingly polarized era, colleges face serious risks from speakers or extremist groups coming to campus to create conflict, intimidate, or even incite violence. We’ve written previously about what to do when campus protests go too far, but higher education leaders must be prepared when outside visitors create a threat.

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