Preparing for Flu and Other Pandemics

This winter's flu season arrived early with an aggressive strain of the virus. Because students can be a particularly vulnerable population, schools, colleges, and universities should prepare a flexible pandemic plan that encompasses all types of diseases.

Assessing Safety of Travel Abroad

In January 2018, the U.S. State Department introduced a new travel advisory system that provides information about foreign travel safety and supersedes all prior travel warnings and travel alerts. The new system ranks all countries in one of four levels, using factors such as terrorism, crime, and natural disasters. Read this Insights blog to learn more about the system and see recommendations from United Educators (UE) about managing study abroad programs.


K-12 Public Schools Large Loss Report 2018

The Large Loss Report 2018 summarizes major damage awards and settlements of $250,000 or more that affected public K-12 schools in 2017. The cases include a $36.1 million jury award in a school bus incident and a $3.58 million settlement in a sex abuse case.

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