Webinar: Q&A With an Expert on Preventing School Shootings

Recent school shootings have prompted schools, colleges, and universities to examine their practices for preventing these tragedies. This special question and answer session features leading legal and threat assessment experts Jeff Nolan and Marisa Randazzo, who answered questions regarding best practices for school threat assessment teams, emerging trends in school shootings, and liability issues surrounding an institution’s prevention efforts.


Heightened Vigilance Required in Study Abroad Risk Management

Following an appeals court ruling upholding a $41.5 million jury verdict against the school in a study abroad matter, UE reminds schools that increased vigilance about sound risk practices related to school-sponsored overseas travel is critical. This Insights blog suggest steps schools and colleges can take to protect their students and institutions.

Combatting Food Insecurity on Campus

Food insecurity, the lack of resources to obtain nutritious food, affects college students throughout the country. When resources are low, students must choose between educational expenses (such as tuition, books, supplies, and housing) and food. Fortunately, many higher education institutions can help tackle this issue head-on and provide security to students who otherwise would go without some meals. Read this Insights blog to learn more.

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