Tree Assessment and Removal

Trees are an important and beautiful part of many college campuses, but they can damage property or cause personal injury. Liability arises when institutions are aware of sick or damaged trees in high risk areas and take no action or are unaware of risks because they do not conduct inspections.

Webinar: Camps on Campus: Emerging Issues

The growing number of minors on campuses—plus recent legal developments in disability accommodation and civil rights—affects how colleges and universities streamline operations and consider new approaches. This webinar focuses focuses on making camps on campus safer.

Preventing Greek Organization Hazing

In most states, hazing is a criminal offense. Forty-four states have anti-hazing laws. Despite these prohibitions, the practice continues. In a study of 162 United Educators Greek claims received from 2010 to 2014, 12 percent of the claims came from hazing incidents—most occurring  at a pledging or initiation event. Read this Insights blog to get ideas for preventing hazing on your campus.

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