New Learning Portal, New Courses

United Educators (UE) understands that addressing offenses such as sexual violence and discrimination is a top priority for colleges and universities, and our online training offers a cost-effective way for members to address this important issue. To help your institution navigate today’s complicated regulatory environment, UE has several new courses to train your institution in our new EduRisk Learning Portal.

A Review of Student-Perpetrator Sexual Assault Claims With Losses

Higher education institutions face potential liability from alleged student victims of campus sexual assault and, increasingly, from alleged student perpetrators who challenge the internal disciplinary process. This publication examines UE's claims from student perpetrators in which losses were incurred and offers recommendations.

Simplified Learner Registration on the New Learning Portal

Providing learners with access to EduRisk courses in the new Learning Portal has been simplified through improved, intuitive registration processes. Read this Learning Link for an overview of how the self-registration or bulk upload of learner data will work in the new Portal.

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