Marijuana: The Implications of an Evolving Legal Environment

Marijuana is going mainstream. Illicit drug use has been rising gradually since 2006, and most of this, according to the Monitor the Future Survey 2013, is due to increased use of marijuana by college students. In fact, four out of 10 college students admit to illicit drug use, and daily or near daily use of marijuana by college students is at its highest rate in more than three decades.

Youth Athletics: The National Landscape

Each year, more than 46 million children play team sports and over 1.3 million children suffer sports-related injuries. In fact, one in five emergency room visits for kids are due to sports injuries. It’s no surprise that K-12 athletic injuries are some of the most common claims at United Educators (UE). This presentation offers recommendations on keeping young athletes safe and analyzes several studies on the national youth athletic claims landscape, including a recent 10-year claims study by UE. 


Accommodating Students with Disabilities in Clinical Programs

Managing students with documented disabilities in clinical programs can present unanticipated difficulties. If a student is “otherwise qualified”—i.e., meets the academic requirements—to participate in the degree program, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act require institutions to provide reasonable accommodations for his or her disability.

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