Prevention and Protection Podcast: Managing the Risks of Student Parties

College parties are a hotbed for a variety of calamities such as fights, falls, and sexual assaults. In this episode of Prevention and Protection, Alyssa Keehan, director of risk research at UE, and Lisa Barnett, a claims attorney who has handled many of UE's claims arising from college parties, discuss strategies for managing the risks of this activity.


Solving Common Learner Issues Using Our Support Site

Encountering problems with online training is frustrating. Learners want a seamless training experience so they can get back to the important work they do for your institution. While we do all we can to prevent issues from occurring, we know it’s challenging when technology doesn’t meet expectations.

Prevention and Protection Podcast: K-12 School Security Design Standards

In this episode of Prevention and Protection, Joe Vossen of United Educators is joined by attorney Shamus O’Meara to explain the security design response to the 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn. Learn about design standards for new school buildings, practices for assessing existing school buildings, and crisis planning considerations.


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