Preparing for Medical Emergencies Abroad

Thousands of students participating in international travel programs suffer serious injuries or illnesses each year. In fact, UE’s 2015 claims study found that 22 percent of study abroad claims stemmed from an injury or illness. In serious incidents, students may need medical evacuation services from remote locations or require advanced medical facilities. Institutions are preparing by purchasing medical evacuation coverage and enlisting additional resources. Read Insights to learn more.

Preventing and Preparing for School Shootings

All acts of gun violence are tragic, but few events shock the nation like school shootings. Educational institutions are understandably seeking ways to prevent these attacks. While school shootings are difficult to predict, seven promising practices for prevention emerge from national studies. Read this Insights blog to learn more.

Webinar: Expert Q&A: Ask a Title IX Coordinator: Session 3

This webinar features nationally known Title IX expert Jody Shipper addressing questions about investigating and adjudicating sexual misconduct complaints, addressing confidentiality concerns, handling Title IX compliance issues in a small office, training students and employees, and more.

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