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    Icon A Guide to Prevent Sexual Misconduct by Campus Health Care Providers

    Health care interactions at student health clinics, sports medicine facilities, and athletic training locations must be a focus in sexual assault prevention efforts. This publication identifies key steps to ensure interactions between campus health care providers and patients are safe and free from sexual misconduct.

    Icon Protecting Children: Shine a Light Video for K-12

    Administrators and educators have a responsibility to protect the well-being of minors. This short video will help to make employees and volunteers at K-12 schools with supervised access to children aware of potential situations of sexual abuse of children or teens in schools.

    The Four Steps to Proactively Manage Risks

    Learn the four repeatable steps of enterprise risk management (ERM), a proactive and collaborative process that empowers campus leaders to discuss and manage risk at the scale of the institution rather than at the level of a single functional area or department.

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