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    March 2017

    Simplified Learner Registration on the New Learning Portal

    Providing learners with access to EduRisk courses in the new Learning Portal has been simplified through improved, intuitive registration processes. Here’s an overview of how the self-registration or bulk upload of learner data will work in the new Portal.


    Our largely simplified self-registration process helps training administrators (TA) easily direct learners to the courses they need take. We’ll work with you to create a custom URL for each training initiative underway at your institution. The URL will include the institution’s ID and learning path—which designates the courses the learner will be enrolled in.

    What does this mean? If Halliwell University is training their incoming first year student’s on our Impressions course, we will work with Halliwell’s TA to design a URL for those students training on the course.

    To create their account, the student learner will only need to follow the link, and then enter their institution email address, first name, and last name.

    Bulk Upload

    For those TAs seeking more control over the creation of learner accounts, mass import through bulk upload is available to automate and streamline this process. To facilitate bulk upload, download and complete our bulk upload template. Once finalized, submit the file to our technical team for processing. Note that the bulk upload process requires that institutions have a minimum of 15 learners; there is no maximum.

    NEW! Single Sign-On Offering

    If your institution could benefit by directing learners from an institution intranet or portal into the Learning Portal without requiring an additional logon process, UE can now provide Single Sign-On (SSO). Implementing SSO requires a collaboration between our technical team and the IT department at your institution. Because this involves a dedicated effort to support specific institutions, SSO is a fee-based offering available through EduRisk Custom Services.

    For more information on SSO, email our team at

    By Sam Swartout, learning technologist


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