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    Preventing Workplace Race Discrimination

    Racism remains a nationwide problem, and race discrimination allegations appear in many employment claims against United Educators (UE) members. It is critical that K-12 schools, colleges, and universities continue to focus on preventing workplace discrimination. Take these actions to help prevent race discrimination for your campus workforce.

    Monitor Risks and Repeat the Process by Starting the Next Round of ERM

    Resilient enterprise risk management (ERM) programs monitor the risk landscape throughout the year to adapt to change. They learn from risk management efforts at the end of that year’s ERM cycle before beginning a new cycle the following year. Consider the following strategies to adapt throughout the year, as well as how to close the loop at the end of the year and begin the ERM cycle again the following year.

    Report on Risks to Set Goals, Gain Buy-In, and Document Efforts

    There are multiple uses for enterprise risk management (ERM) reporting, the fourth step of the ERM process. Throughout the year, the ERM committee Chairperson will track the progress and next steps shared by all risk owners in a single report. Then, at the end of the ERM process cycle, the Chairperson will summarize this year’s risk management efforts and identify next steps for next year’s ERM process in a risk summary report.

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