Checklist for Protecting Minors on Campus: Reporting and Addressing Suspected Misconduct

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About This Resource

Timely reporting of suspected sexual misconduct involving minors that occurs in connection with institution activities can help educational institutions respond reasonably. Additionally, some states require any person who suspects child abuse or neglect to make such reports. Complete with a link to a state-by-state listing of these reporting laws, this checklist can help ensure that your institution is compliant with federal and state regulations and promote a safe campus environment.  

Covered topics include:  

  • Defining minors and behavior that constitutes sexual abuse or misconduct in your policy
  • The differences between the state’s mandatory reporting laws and the institution’s reporting policy
  • What to do once a report is received
  • How to investigate a report properly  

Ensure that your institution is doing all that it can to report and respond to suspected sexual misconduct involving minors with this helpful tool.

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