Checklist for Protecting Minors on Campus: Screening Employees and Volunteers

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About This Resource

To protect minors on your campus from sexual misconduct, established practices should be in place for screening applicants for volunteer or paid positions with access to children. In fact, many states require the screening of any adult applying for such paid positions. This checklist provides recommendations for screening potential college employees or volunteers with regular or unsupervised access to children.  

Tips include:

  • Understand and comply with any laws requiring screening or that affect the ability to conduct background checks 
  • Develop a process for documenting screening practices
  • Complete all screening procedures before placing an applicant in a position with access to children
  • Check federal, state, and county criminal records in all jurisdictions where the applicant has lived for the past seven years
  • Periodically recheck the criminal backgrounds of employees and volunteers who have regular or unsupervised access to children
  • Be aware of red flags and disqualification criteria  

Make sure that your institution is using best practices in screening current and potential employees and volunteers who work with children with this helpful guide.

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