Large Loss Report 2019

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About This Resource

The Large Loss Report 2019 summarizes major damage awards and settlements of more than $250,000 that affected schools, colleges, and universities in 2018. It can help educational institutions assess their risk management practices and insurance coverage.

The most frequent and costliest cases involved sexual abuse claims, many of which had multimillion-dollar settlements, such as the record $500 million settlement with the survivors of sexual abuse committed by former USA Gymnastics trainer Larry Nassar.

Settlement and verdict costs of sexual assault claims have been increasing, in part because of rising media attention in the wake of the #MeToo movement and cases against educational institutions that have received extensive media coverage. In addition, plaintiff trial lawyers have developed techniques to make juries angry and protective of their communities. On the other hand, defendants often use outdated techniques, such as attacking the victims or denying all responsibility.


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    The settlement reached by the Albany Unified School District was in California not New York.


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