Preventing Student Harassment and Assault: Higher Education Discussion Guide

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About This Resource

This helpful guide provides discussion questions, scenarios and links to online resources for talking with students about student harassment and assault. This is a sample of the questions found in the full guide:

  • What might cause one person to want to control another in a relationship?
  • If you understand why someone is trying to control you, and you feel sorry for the person, should you be more forgiving of the behavior?
  • What are some safe ways to help someone in an abusive relationship?
  • How can you tell the difference between strong interest and stalking/cyberstalking?
  • What are several risks when attending a college party where alcohol is served? What steps can you take to protect yourself? /li>
  • How does alcohol play a role in sexual assaults and how can you remain safe?
  • What is sexual consent and why should you be very clear with a sexual partner?


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