Checklist for AED Programs in Educational Settings

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Educational institutions can greatly increase the survival rate of persons suffering cardiac arrest on their college campus or school grounds through a successful automated external defibrillator (AED) program.  

This checklist from UE can help administrators who are responsible for establishing and overseeing a campus AED program to address a range of related issues. Designed to help institutions develop proper AED policies and procedures, this valuable resource can be used when planning a new program or conducting periodic reviews of an existing program.

Topics covered include:   

  • Program Management
  • AED Selection and Placement
  • AED Maintenance and Support Equipment
  • Selection and Training of Personnel
  • AED Use
  • Post-Incident Follow-Up  

Ensure that your institution is doing all that you can to ensure the success of your AED program on campus or at school with this checklist and included links to external resources for further reading.


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