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    The Four Steps to Proactively Manage Risks

    Learn the four repeatable steps of enterprise risk management (ERM), a proactive and collaborative process that empowers campus leaders to discuss and manage risk at the scale of the institution rather than at the level of a single functional area or department.

    Icon Higher Ed Checklist: Reporting Campus Sexual Misconduct: Elements of a Policy

    Establishing a sound campus reporting structure is critical for addressing the risk of campus sexual misconduct, yet many campuses do not include details about reporting in their Nondiscrimination/Title IX/Sexual Misconduct Policy.  This checklist guides higher education administrators in evaluating or drafting their sexual misconduct reporting policy.

    Student Gambling Policies

    According to the National Center for Responsible Gaming, about 75% of college students gambled in the past year. This blog offers insights on whether to institute a gambling policy and what variables to consider.

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