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    Icon Guide to Developing an Anti-Racist Campus Safety Force

    Many colleges and universities are assessing their campus climates and implementing anti-racist practices for the campus safety department. This publication provides guidance for campus administrators and campus security officers on developing an anti-racist campus safety force.

    Icon Webinar: Reimagining Campus Safety

    During this webinar, experts discuss how campuses nationwide are updating their police and campus safety policies and operations, and analyze options such as civilian oversight boards and differential response models. They provide suggestions about evaluating your campus’ security force, assessing campus climate, fostering institutional relationships with local law enforcement, and addressing other nuances of this complicated topic.

    UE’s Trending Employment Claims

    United Educators (UE) conducted a review of our top employment claims from 2020, considering frequency (number of claims) and severity (cost of claims). The most frequent and most severe claims involved issues we’ve seen repeatedly through the years, indicating members must continue to focus attention on preventing and addressing them.

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