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    Avoid Unfavorable Indemnity Provisions in Institution Contracts

    Unfavorable indemnification or “hold harmless” provisions within a contract can cause institutions to assume liability for claims they neither caused nor can control. This common source of liability can be mitigated by working with your institution’s legal counsel or risk manager and implementing key practices described in this blog.

    Sharing Campus Resources During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Many colleges and universities are sharing their facilities and resources during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. As institutions open residence halls and donate supplies for hospital use and offer dining services, athletic arenas, or parking lots for use by relief agencies, they should also ensure that adequate MOUs, contracts, insurance, procedures, and security are in place.

    Eating Contests: Managing the Risk While Preserving the Fun

    Campus eating contests range from hot dogs to chicken wings to pies and are often fundraising vehicles for student organizations. While these contents are fun, they can be dangerous without proper preparation and oversight. This blog provides suggestions on risk management steps institutions can take to reduce the risks associated with eating contests on campus.

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