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    Risk Management Guidance for 3D Printing

    Many educational institutions are considering using their 3D printing capabilities to help with medical device and supply shortages. This article addresses the risk management issues that schools should keep in mind during each step of the process.


    Vetting Third-Party Study Abroad Vendors

    Third-party vendors can increase the study abroad opportunities available to students, but poor risk management practices by these vendors can lead to bad outcomes for students and costly claims against the home institution.  Read this blog for tips on choosing a third-party vendor.

    Eating Contests: Managing the Risk While Preserving the Fun

    Campus eating contests range from hot dogs to chicken wings to pies and are often fundraising vehicles for student organizations. While these contents are fun, they can be dangerous without proper preparation and oversight. This blog provides suggestions on risk management steps institutions can take to reduce the risks associated with eating contests on campus.

    Esports in Higher Education: Prepare Your Institution

    The explosive growth of esports creates both opportunity and potential risk for higher education institutions that are considering, or just establishing, their own  programs. This piece outlines some organizational issues to consider, such as where to house esports, and notes certain associated risks, such as  sex discrimination and harassment.

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