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    Icon Webinar: COVID on Campus: What's Next?

    During this webinar, experts discuss pandemic response recommendations, vaccination suggestions, fall 2021 planning, and employment considerations. The speakers also address Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations, ACHA guidelines, and United Educators (UE) recommendations.

    Icon Prevention and Protection Podcast: Forecasting Risks for 2021

    In this episode, United Educators risk management consultants Hoda Hussein, Justin Kollinger and Sam Swartout forecast the top risks impacting schools, colleges and universities in 2021. They discuss their insights, relevant risk trends and considerations institutions should keep in mind should these risks surface on campus.

    Icon Webinar: Reimagining Campus Safety

    During this webinar, experts discuss how campuses nationwide are updating their police and campus safety policies and operations, and analyze options such as civilian oversight boards and differential response models. They provide suggestions about evaluating your campus’ security force, assessing campus climate, fostering institutional relationships with local law enforcement, and addressing other nuances of this complicated topic.

    Icon Large Loss Report 2021

    The Large Loss Report 2021 summarizes major damage awards and settlements of more than $500,000 that affected K-12 schools, colleges, and universities in 2020.