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    Prevention and Protection Podcast: Managing Indemnification Provisions in Contracts

    Indemnification provisions in contracts used by institutions can either help or harm, depending on how they are worded. Careful review of every contract is important to understand whether the indemnification provision is beneficial to your college or university. This episode of Prevention and Protection offers tips on how to avoid common indemnification problems as you enter into contracts on behalf of your institution.


    Webinar: Q&A With an Expert on Preventing School Shootings

    Recent school shootings have prompted schools, colleges, and universities to examine their practices for preventing these tragedies. This special question and answer session features leading legal and threat assessment experts Jeff Nolan and Marisa Randazzo, who answered questions regarding best practices for school threat assessment teams, emerging trends in school shootings, and liability issues surrounding an institution’s prevention efforts.


    Checklist: Drafting Effective Releases

    Do those who deal with contracts at your institution draft effective releases? This checklist highlights guidelines for revising or drafting releases that benefit those who participate in an activity as well as sponsoring educational institutions.

    Checklist: a Guide for Reviewing Contracts

    Are your institution’s contract review policies using best practices? Best suited for routine contracts involving the purchase of goods and services or the normal use of facilities and equipment, this guide can help promote consistent reviews by staff who are not lawyers.