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    Three Keys to a Successful ERM Program

    Whether you are just starting out with enterprise risk management (ERM) or trying to sustain your mature program, United Educators (UE) recommends orienting around three keys to ensure your ERM program's success.

    Sharing Campus Resources During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Many colleges and universities are sharing their facilities and resources during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. As institutions open residence halls and donate supplies for hospital use and offer dining services, athletic arenas, or parking lots for use by relief agencies, they should also ensure that adequate MOUs, contracts, insurance, procedures, and security are in place.

    Icon Checklist: General Planning for All Program Changes

    This checklist will assist institutions with general planning for any type of academic program change, including program reduction or discontinuance, change of institutional control, and institutional closure. Institutions also can use it for periodic evaluations of their programs.

    Academic Program Changes and Institutional Closures

    This guide is intended primarily for boards of trustees, presidents, or chancellors, and other officials who make overall decisions about program change. These include changes to course offerings, program structure, or institutional control that may affect course offerings or employment of faculty, implicate shared governance procedures, and require regulatory approvals.

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