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    Sudden Pandemic-Related Closures

    If your K-12 school, college, or university is operating in person during the COVID-19 pandemic, ensure it’s prepared to suddenly close due to community or campus outbreaks, or public health declarations related to the pandemic. Use the recommendations in this blog to guide important closure decisions.

    Review Your K-12 School’s Performance Management System

    Independent K-12 schools should review and, if necessary, revise their employee performance management systems. Doing so will not only help employees meet their goals and satisfy the school's needs, but can avoid surprising poor performers and potentially triggering claims against the school.

    Icon Planning and Executing Your Return to Campus: Considerations for Leaders in Education

    United Educators partnered with Deloitte to publish this resource to address process questions senior leaders must consider when making key decisions. Recommendations include topics such as implementing a COVID-19 response team, tabletop exercise processes, planning for key reopening activities, a sample decision-making framework, and a roadmap for recovery and resuming campus operations.

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