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    Firearms and Weapons Policies

    Every institution should have a policy that directly addresses the possession and use of firearms and weapons on campus.  This blog provides suggested guidelines for drafting or revising a firearms and weapons policy.

    Icon K-12 Public Schools Large Loss Report 2019

    The K-12 Public Schools Large Loss Report 2019 summarizes major damage awards and settlements of $250,000 or more that affected public K-12 schools in 2017 and 2018. The cases include a $36.1 million jury award in a school bus incident, a $15.7 million settlement in a sex abuse lawsuit, and a $1.1 million award for an athletic injury.

    3D Printers on Campus: Put a Policy in Place

    Your institution likely has a 3D printer. Often used to create prototypes of parts or products, 3D printers are used across disciplines—from engineering to art—and are gaining in popularity in colleges, universities, and K-12 schools.

    Equestrian Activities at School: Managing the Risks

    Many K-12 and higher education institutions offer horseback riding programs. Although these programs provide multiple benefits, the inherently dangerous nature of the activity – including the relatively high risk of head injuries – means that schools must take special care to implement and enforce procedures to manage the risks and maximize student safety.

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