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    Icon Checklist: Employee Layoffs Driven by Financial Pressure

    This checklist is intended to help higher education institutions and K-12 schools that must lay off employees because of financial pressures. It can be used to help them plan and conduct the layoff process in a way that is fair to employees and that reduces schools' potential liability.

    Icon Webinar: Coronavirus: Answering Your Questions

    In this webinar, speakers from the American College Health Association (ACHA) COVID-19 Task Force and an employment law attorney with expertise in higher education respond to common COVID-19 questions and discuss how K-12 schools and higher ed institutions can navigate the outbreak.


    Icon Prevent Sexual Abuse by Improving Volunteer Management at Independent Schools

    While volunteers are a critical part of school functions, they often don't receive the same scrutiny as full-time faculty members. Yet, because they often work with children, sexual abuse by volunteers is a very real and potentially catastrophic risk. Based on claims research, UE offers this guidance regarding volunteer screening, supervision, and training.

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