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    Minors and the Use of Releases

    Many K-12 schools, colleges, and universities rely on releases to educate students and parents about an activity’s risks and to transfer or share liability. But releases signed by or on behalf of minors are not enforceable in most states. To effectively use releases when dealing with minors, follow the practices recommended in this piece.

    Prepare for Medical Evacuations Abroad

    Higher education institutions and K-12 schools with study abroad programs should prepare for the possiblility that a student will be seriously injured and require medical evacuation. Insurance that covers evacuation can defray the expenses, but be sure to understand all policy terms, such as by whom and where students are taken, whether hospitalization is covered, and specific exclusions.

    Protect and Support Transgender Students

    Your college, university, or K-12 school may wish to provide special protection and support for transgender students.  It can take several concrete steps to this goal, including allowing students to change their records to align with their identified gender and to use housing and restrooms consistent with that gender rather than their birth gender.

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