Crisis Management

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    Icon Manage the Risks of Remote Learning in Higher Education

    Institutions may continue offering remote learning or may switch from in-person to remote learning due to a pandemic or other crisis. To ensure a positive remote learning experience for students and employees, administrators can use this guide to identify and manage key risk management issues.

    Icon Planning and Executing Your Return to Campus: Considerations for Leaders in Education

    United Educators partnered with Deloitte to publish this resource to address process questions senior leaders must consider when making key decisions. Recommendations include topics such as implementing a COVID-19 response team, tabletop exercise processes, planning for key reopening activities, a sample decision-making framework, and a roadmap for recovery and resuming campus operations.

    Icon Guide for Resuming On-Campus Operations

    In these unprecedented times, schools and colleges continue to struggle with how to provide educational services during the COVID-19 pandemic. Based on current recommendations, this guide provides risk management recommendations to inform the decision on whether to resume on-campus operations and the process for resumption.

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