Customize Your Training Experience

EduRisk Custom Services

Through EduRisk Custom Services, United Educators (UE) members are able to tailor the EduRisk Learning Portal and online learning experience to better fit the campus culture, and improve training rollout, implementation, and completion rates. Services are available at one flat rate on a subscription basis and cover use of the EduRisk Learning Portal by the entire institution. Some of the available options include:

Portal Customization ECS_Icons_Black_Portal_Customization

Create a customized look on your institution's EduRisk Learning Portal home page, incorporating color schemes, logos, and personalized messages to align with your branding. This can include adding the school’s policies to the resources section.


Single Sign-On (SSO) ECS_Icons_Black_SSO

Easily direct students, staff, and faculty to the EduRisk Learning Portal from your institution’s website, intranet, or learning management system (LMS) to the EduRisk Learning Portal with our single sign-on solution. With SSO, learners at your institution will not need to create a separate ID and password. We’ll work closely with your IT department to ensure a seamless and secure connection; a technical specifications sheet is available.

Tailored Content ECS_Icons_Black_Tailored_Content

Add custom content within the Learning Portal classroom pages. Maximize your institution’s use of these classrooms by adding a welcome video from the president or a dean, changing out a graphic, or adding your institution’s policies or procedures. Our learning technology team can work with you to determine the appropriate level of customization based on your institution’s learning goals.

Course Licensing

Does your institution provide training for staff and students in your own learning management system (LMS)? Keep all completion data in one location by licensing EduRisk courses for use on your school's learning platform.

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