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    August 2017

    Enhancing Your Learning Portal with EduRisk Custom Services

    Would customizing the EduRisk training experience improve the learning experience for your students, faculty, and staff? Through EduRisk Custom Services, United Educators (UE) members can tailor the EduRisk Learning Portal to personalize their online training experience. Here are some of the features available:

    Single Sign-On (SSO)

    Pass learners directly from your institution’s website, intranet, or learning management system directly to the EduRisk Learning Portal with our single sign-on solution. With SSO, learners at your institution will no longer need to create a separate ID and password. We’ll work closely with your IT department to ensure a seamless and secure connection. Contact us at for a technical specifications sheet.

    Portal Customization

    Customize the EduRisk Learning Portal home page to incorporate your institution’s branding including color scheme and logos. You may also add personalized messages and institution specific policies.


    Tailored Content

    Incorporate custom content within the course pages of the Learning Portal for up to three online learning programs. Maximize your institution’s use of these courses by adding a welcome video from the president or a dean, changing out a graphic, or adding your institution’s policies or procedures.

    These services are available at one flat rate on subscription basis, and cover use of the EduRisk Learning Portal by the entire institution.

    By Sam Swartout, learning technologist


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