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    Icon An Examination of UE’s Recent Independent K-12 School Claims

    This study of approximately 1,600 claims against independent K-12 schools received by United Educators (UE) during a five-year period (2012-2016) found about 35% of claims incurred losses totaling nearly $93 million. Students and parents brought almost half the claims and accounted for nearly 60% of losses.

    Effectively Implement Traffic Accident Review Boards

    Traffic accident review boards, which investigate all accidents involving the institution’s vehicles to determine if the accident was preventable or non-preventable, are an important tool to reduce accidents and support a culture of driver safety and accountability on campus. Following the recommendations in this blog will enhance the traffic accident review board’s investigation and decision-making process.

    Managing Risks of Operating Vehicles Abroad

    Vehicle crashes are the top killer of Americans traveling abroad, data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the State Department. Institutions can better manage the risk by taking certain practices into their international pre-departure risk assessments.

    Icon Background Check Fundamentals

    This publication helps human resources administrators assess the soundness of their background check screening sources, practices, and policy. More institutions are implementing background checks for all employees, contractors, volunteers, and other individuals affiliated with the school, to protect community members and the institution’s resources, improve the quality of hires, and reduce organizational risk.

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