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    VAWA-Campus SaVE Act Federal Training Requirements for Students

    Most higher education institutions are subject to VAWA—also known as the Campus Sexual Violence Elimination (SaVE) Act—which requires institutions to train students on sexual violence issues. This resource explains the training mandates and provides UE’s recommendations and suggestions to help institutions meet them.


    K-12 Public Schools Large Loss Report 2019

    The K-12 Public Schools Large Loss Report 2019 summarizes major damage awards and settlements of $250,000 or more that affected public K-12 schools in 2017 and 2018. The cases include a $36.1 million jury award in a school bus incident, a $15.7 million settlement in a sex abuse lawsuit, and a $1.1 million award for an athletic injury.

    Using Physical Restraints on Students

    Safety holds use physical restraint to restrict a student’s freedom of movement when he or she poses an imminent and serious physical threat to him or herself or others. When used correctly, the holds diffuse potentially dangerous situations, such as a student attempt to use a weapon or otherwise injure himself or others, some experts say.

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