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    Student Mental Health on Campus: A Review of Claims

    United Educators (UE) reviewed and analyzed 223 claims related to student mental health—including attempted and completed suicides—received from January 2011 through December 2016. This report focuses on key data points and lessons from the claims. Review the claims study and its supplemental resources to learn how to respond to these challenges on your campus.


    Combatting Food Insecurity on Campus

    Food insecurity, the lack of resources to obtain nutritious food, affects college students throughout the country. When resources are low, students must choose between educational expenses (such as tuition, books, supplies, and housing) and food. Fortunately, many higher education institutions can help tackle this issue head-on and provide security to students who otherwise would go without some meals. Read this Insights blog to learn more.

    Student Threat Assessment Teams

    Threat Assessment Teams are a proven method that educational institutions can use to better protect their campuses from incidents of targeted violence, such as a school shooting. Building and maintaining an effective team is the focus of Student Threat Assessment Teams, an online course from EduRisk®.


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