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    Risk Management Guidance for 3D Printing

    Many educational institutions are considering using their 3D printing capabilities to help with medical device and supply shortages. This article addresses the risk management issues that schools should keep in mind during each step of the process.


    Icon A Guide to Prevent Sexual Misconduct by Campus Health Care Providers

    Health care interactions at student health clinics, sports medicine facilities, and athletic training locations must be a focus in sexual assault prevention efforts. This publication identifies key steps to ensure interactions between campus health care providers and patients are safe and free from sexual misconduct.

    What are the Benefits of Having an ERM Program?

    For those contemplating an enterprise risk management (ERM) program for their institution or who need help convincing others to participate, United Educators (UE) outlines three main benefits to having an ERM program on campus: minimizing critical vulnerabilities, improving strategic decision-making, and boosting overall institution performance.

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