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    Creating Electric Scooter Policies

    Electric scooters, also called e-scooters, provide students with an inexpensive mode of transportation, but several high-profile accidents have called their safety into question. Use this blog to learn how to create effective electric scooter policies and establish mutually beneficial relationships with campus scooter vendors.

    Prevention and Protection Podcast: Mediation Insights From a Professional Mediator, Part One

    Most claims brought against UE members will be dismissed or settled before going to trial. Many settlements are achieved through mediation, allowing the parties to negotiate through a neutral third party. In this two-part episode of the Prevention and Protection podcast, Joan Morrow, a mediator with extensive experience mediating cases involving educational institutions, shares her insights on making mediations effective.

    RMPC Survey Results (K-12): Preventing Workplace Harassment and Discrimination

    From May 1, 2017, through Aug. 21, 2018, United Educators (UE) surveyed 237 higher education members about their workplace harassment and discrimination prevention practices. The survey was issued as part of UE's risk management premium credit program. This publication displays the results and offers helpful resources for managing the risk of workplace harassment and discrimination.


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