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    Securing Classroom Doors to Stop Active Shooters

    Many K-12 schools are reviewing and improving the security of classrooms and doors to help prevent school shootings. Important steps include installing interior locks, properly securing doors with windows, consulting appropriate experts, and documenting the process followed in deciding which measures to implement.

    Increased Risks and Costs of Arming Educators

    Recent school shootings have renewed the conversation about arming K-12 educators. Some schools have armed teachers in place as authorized by the state, county, or school board. Others are weighing the benefits and dangers. Arming teachers or other staff can disrupt the educational atmosphere, even when the intention is to improve safety. When deciding whether to arm staff, schools should consider the heightened costs, risks, and liability.

    Webinar: Q&A With an Expert on Preventing School Shootings

    Recent school shootings have prompted schools, colleges, and universities to examine their practices for preventing these tragedies. This special question and answer session features leading legal and threat assessment experts Jeff Nolan and Marisa Randazzo, who answered questions regarding best practices for school threat assessment teams, emerging trends in school shootings, and liability issues surrounding an institution’s prevention efforts.


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