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    Icon K-12 Public Schools Large Loss Report 2019

    The K-12 Public Schools Large Loss Report 2019 summarizes major damage awards and settlements of $250,000 or more that affected public K-12 schools in 2017 and 2018. The cases include a $36.1 million jury award in a school bus incident, a $15.7 million settlement in a sex abuse lawsuit, and a $1.1 million award for an athletic injury.

    3D Printers on Campus: Put a Policy in Place

    Your institution likely has a 3D printer. Often used to create prototypes of parts or products, 3D printers are used across disciplines—from engineering to art—and are gaining in popularity in colleges, universities, and K-12 schools.

    Equestrian Activities at School: Managing the Risks

    Many K-12 and higher education institutions offer horseback riding programs. Although these programs provide multiple benefits, the inherently dangerous nature of the activity – including the relatively high risk of head injuries – means that schools must take special care to implement and enforce procedures to manage the risks and maximize student safety.

    Tree Assessment and Removal

    Trees are an important and beautiful part of many college campuses, but they can damage property or cause personal injury. Liability arises when institutions are aware of sick or damaged trees in high risk areas and take no action or are unaware of risks because they do not conduct inspections.

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