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    Icon Prevention and Protection Podcast: Forecasting Risks for 2021

    In this episode, United Educators risk management consultants Hoda Hussein, Justin Kollinger and Sam Swartout forecast the top risks impacting schools, colleges and universities in 2021. They discuss their insights, relevant risk trends and considerations institutions should keep in mind should these risks surface on campus.

    Icon Guide to Developing an Anti-Racist Campus Safety Force

    Many colleges and universities are assessing their campus climates and implementing anti-racist practices for the campus safety department. This publication provides guidance for campus administrators and campus security officers on developing an anti-racist campus safety force.

    Three Keys to a Successful ERM Program

    Whether you are just starting out with enterprise risk management (ERM) or trying to sustain your mature program, United Educators (UE) recommends orienting around three keys to ensure your ERM program's success.

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