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    Sudden Pandemic-Related Closures

    If your K-12 school, college, or university is operating in person during the COVID-19 pandemic, ensure it’s prepared to suddenly close due to community or campus outbreaks, or public health declarations related to the pandemic. Use the recommendations in this blog to guide important closure decisions.

    Manage Minors in K-12 Remote Learning

    K-12 schools must consider the important risk management issues that come with teaching minors in an online environment. Your school can manage these risks by assessing technology, emphasizing safety and accessibility, setting expectations for online behavior, and focusing on communication and building community.

    Icon Manage the Risks of Remote Learning in Higher Education

    Institutions may continue offering remote learning or may switch from in-person to remote learning due to a pandemic or other crisis. To ensure a positive remote learning experience for students and employees, administrators can use this guide to identify and manage key risk management issues.

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