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    Prepare for Claims Brought Under State Reviver Statutes

    State reviver statutes, which extend or "revive" expired statutes of limitations for claims involving sexual abuse of minors, are passing with increased frequency.  This article outlines steps you can take to prepare for claims against your institution if a reviver statute is enacted in your state.

    Icon K-12: Use a Maturity Tool to Advance the ERM Process

    A mature enterprise risk management (ERM) program integrates with strategic planning, budgeting, and departmental initiatives — a necessity in a competitive, changing landscape. It also identifies gaps in developing a school's culture of proactive, collaborative risk management. United Educators (UE) recommends auditing your ERM program with this education-specific maturity tool — informed by research with institutions and experts — to understand where your processes stand today and set future goals.

    The Four Steps to Proactively Manage Risks

    Learn the four repeatable steps of enterprise risk management (ERM), a proactive and collaborative process that empowers campus leaders to discuss and manage risk at the scale of the institution rather than at the level of a single functional area or department.

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