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    Icon Checklist: Drafting Effective Releases

    Do those who deal with contracts at your institution draft effective releases? This checklist highlights guidelines for revising or drafting releases that benefit those who participate in an activity as well as sponsoring educational institutions.

    Effective Implementation of Traffic Accident Review Boards

    A traffic accident review board, which investigates all accidents involving the institution’s vehicles to determine whether it was preventable, is an important tool to reduce accidents and support a culture of driver safety and accountability on campus. Following the recommendations in this blog will enhance the board’s investigation and decision-making process.

    Increased Risks and Costs of Arming Educators

    Recent school shootings have renewed the conversation about arming K-12 educators. Some schools have armed teachers in place as authorized by the state, county, or school board. Others are weighing the benefits and dangers. Arming teachers or other staff can disrupt the educational atmosphere, even when the intention is to improve safety. When deciding whether to arm staff, schools should consider the heightened costs, risks, and liability.

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