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    New Concussion Management Requirements for NCAA Institutions

    Colleges and universities nationwide face new athletic concussion compliance requirements if they wish to be released from liability under a recent settlement agreement in a federal medical monitoring class action lawsuit.  This summary explains the settlement compliance obligations that institutions must meet to certify compliance by the May 18, 2020 deadline.

    Eating Contests: Managing the Risk While Preserving the Fun

    Campus eating contests range from hot dogs to chicken wings to pies and are often fundraising vehicles for student organizations. While these contents are fun, they can be dangerous without proper preparation and oversight. This blog provides suggestions on risk management steps institutions can take to reduce the risks associated with eating contests on campus.

    Icon Prevention and Protection Podcast: New Concussion Management Requirements for NCAA Institutions

    In this episode of the Prevention and Protection podcast, United Educators (UE) risk researcher Christine McHugh interviews UE senior resolutions counsel Rhonda Hurwitz about the recent class action settlement agreement related to concussion management and medical monitoring. The discussion explains the lawsuit that led to the settlement, the settlement’s provisions, and the benefits for institutions which comply with the provisions by the May 18, 2020, deadline.


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