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    December 2018

    New EduRisk Courses Released

    EduRisk offers cost-effective online learning to train students, faculty, supervisors, and other staff on your campus. As the risks faced by educational institutions evolve, we continue to develop learning programs to keep your community safe and informed. Have you had the opportunity to review our latest courses?

    Understanding the Clery Act » 

    Under the Clery Act, institutions must track and disclose campus crime and security information—a process that can be confusing and time-consuming. This course helps administrators, faculty, and staff understand the Clery Act and how it helps to make campuses safer. Upon completion of this program, learners will understand: 

    • Who the Clery Act applies to 
    • Requirements for institutions, including crime logs, annual security reports, and timely warnings   
    • The role of campus security authorities 
    • How campus geography plays into Clery reporting

    Looking for more help with Clery compliance? Check out the Clery Compliance Toolset—a time-saving, easy-to-use system for developing policies and procedures, logging incidents, and generating your Annual Security Report. To request a free demo, contact Brenda Tappan at today.

    Avoiding Conflicts of Interest » 

    Members of the higher education community want to perform their duties ethically. This course covers one potential trouble spot: conflicts of interest. What are they, and what are the best ways to avoid them? After taking this course, learners will understand: 

    • What conflicts of interest are and how to avoid them
    • Steps to a take when a conflict arises    
    • Possible restrictions on items like gifts and travel  

    Data Security: Mobile Security and Third-Party Websites » 

    Data breaches are a very real threat facing educational institutions. It’s essential to train staff on methods to fight back. This course is designed to give learners a high-level overview of mobile security and how to comply with school policies when using third-party websites. After taking this course, learners should be able to: 

    • Apply the same Internet security mindset to their mobile device that they do with their desktop computer
    • Recognize the importance of keeping their mobile device's software up-to-date
    • Avoid phishing schemes on mobile devices
    • Understand the benefits of using multifactor authentication
    • Use cloud services only when staying compliant with school policies

    For more information on implementing this or any of our courses, visit Learning Launch or email us at


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