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    October 2018

    New Data Security Course: Physical Security and Unintended Disclosures

    Conversations about data security often focus heavily on avoiding online threats. But it’s important to remember that intruders can also access data by getting into buildings, sifting through garbage, or stealing a school laptop from a locked vehicle. 

    The newest addition to EduRisk’s suite of data security courses, Data Security: Physical Security and Unintended Disclosures, provides an overview of how to keep physical devices secure and prevent unintended disclosures of institution data. By completing this course, learners will:   

    • Understand the risk of allowing physical access to physical files and electronic devices 
    • Become familiar with the types of sensitive data at academic institutions that can be exposed   
    • Know the importance of preventing unauthorized access to secured buildings 
    • Become aware of the importance of locking unattended physical files and electronic devices 
    • Stay mindful of inadvertent disclosures, such as leaving printed materials with sensitive data in meeting rooms or not properly disposing of such documents 
    • Become aware of the risks of device theft while traveling

    Don’t let sensitive school data fall into the wrong hands—get ahead of any problems by rolling out the entire suite of EduRisk's data security courses today!


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