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    August 2014

    Managing Concussions on Your Campus

    No athletic safety issue has garnered more attention recently than concussions and related brain injuries. The potential for catastrophic injury coupled with evolving science and legal requirements make concussions a serious safety and liability concern. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) recently settled a class-action lawsuit related to concussions sustained in collegiate sports and released revised guidelines for ensuring player safety.

    The Concussion Awareness Learning Program was developed to help your athletic department address this critical issue. This program is a valuable tool for your coaches and athletic staff. The learning program includes three short online courses (20 minutes each) which teach learners the serious nature of concussions, including:

    • Signs and symptoms
    • Sports in which concussions are most frequent
    • The importance of removing potentially concussed athletes from play
    • Combatting the “culture of resistance” and encouraging reporting and treating of head injuries

    This learning program also includes the Concussions Best Practices Check Up, a self-evaluation tool to help your institution determine how well you’re following best practices for athletic safety. Members will receive immediate feedback and printable resources for help in managing athletic risks

    Please visit the Concussion Awareness Learning Program page to preview the online courses and other athletic safety resources.

    By Andreas Dangin, Risk Management Consultant


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