Legal Literacy for Supervisors

Risk Research Bulletin | March 2016 | 0 Comments  Average 5 out of 5

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About This Resource

Understanding legal issues are part of any supervisor’s job. From hiring and firing to properly handling complaints about harassment, awareness of employment law basics can be a major asset for a supervisor. This UE report explores common employment laws to explain the basics for supervisors. Learn how to approach the most common legal challenges, including:

  • Discrimination against an employee based on a protected characteristic such as gender, age, or national origin
  • Harassment complaints that are based on a protected characteristic
  • Managing employees with disabilities in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act 
  • Recognizing and documenting employees who take FMLA leave 
  • Recognizing and preventing retaliation against an employee who engages in legally protected activities
  • Proper decision-making for hiring and firing employees

This report also provides best practices for supervisors, including:

  • How to use HR as a resource when in doubt about how to handle a particular situation
  • How to properly document employee problems and conduct accurate performance evaluations
  • How to use progressive discipline to protect your institution from wrongful termination liability

Read the report to learn more about basic legal literacy for your campus supervisors.


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