Improving Contracting on Campus: A Layperson's Guide to Understanding Contract Basics

Risk Research Bulletin | December 2015 | 0 Comments  Average 5 out of 5

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About This Resource

Good contracting practices can save your institution from unexpected liability. Learn the basics behind good contracting practices, whom to train, and what to include in your campus’ contracting policies.

UE analyzed more than 2,000 contract-related claims to identify the best practices for training and policies to help institutions avoid the most common contracting mistakes. Some of the major contracting challenges found on campuses include:

  • Relying on oral or implied agreements instead of written contracts for routine agreements
  • Entering into written contracts that lack detail or have confusing or ambiguous terms
  • Agreeing to a contract that is impossible or onerous to perform as written
  • Signing form contracts for vendors that put the institution at a disadvantage if a problem occurs

To make sure that your training addresses the most common contracting challenges:

  • Establish a campus contracting policy that establishes guidelines for contract reviews and designates signing authority to specific campus personnel
  • Develop form contracts for routine agreements
  • Create a central repository for contracts
  • Educate your institution’s representatives about contracts and your school’s contract policy

To learn more about best practices for contracting read the Risk Research Bulletin.


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