Using Your Website to Inform the Campus Community in a Crisis

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A well-formulated communications plan that incorporates your institution’s website can benefit your campus in a time of crisis by allowing you to:

  • Reach key stakeholders quickly and accurately
  • Demonstrate control of a situation and increase public confidence in your response
  • Better manage the media by making your website the primary source for regular updates
  • Control costs by implementing existing and familiar technology

Effective planning can help you make the most of your website and manage your message in a crisis. Consider taking some of these steps at your institution:

  • Develop a rapid-response crisis web page to have a ready-to-use platform in a crisis
  • Ensure adequate server capacity to accommodate additional web traffic
  • Regularly practice your communications protocols ahead of time to ensure that messages can be posted in a minimal amount of time
  • Develop a facts-based message by keeping a complete and accurate record of events as the crisis develops
  • State your message simply and openly to demonstrate a thorough understanding of events
  • Remember that a compassionate message is also important in a time of crisis
  • Post your message early, as soon as you have verified the facts, to provide the community with prompt information

 Read the report to learn more about how your campus website can help in a crisis.


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