ERM Process Tracker

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About This Resource

Use this interactive tool to help implement and track the progress of your enterprise risk management (ERM) program at K-12 schools, colleges, or universities. Leaders also can use this tool to document efforts addressing each step of the ERM process: identifying, assessing, treating, and reporting and monitoring risks.

Associated Guidance

When completing the tracker, leaders overseeing your ERM program should review and share the associated user guide and video with those involved in the ERM process, including ERM committee members, risk owners, senior administrators, and board members.

User Guides

This accompanying user guide provides additional guidance, practical tips, and examples for how institutions should implement all four steps of the ERM process.
For Higher Ed Institutions »
For K-12 Schools »

Video Guidance

This video will help inform institutions looking to implement an ERM program.
For Higher Ed Institutions »
For K-12 Schools »

Tracker Step 2 – Assess Risks

Use this scoring tool to assign impact and likelihood scores to institutional risks.
Download Tracker Step 2 »

Tracker Step 3 – Treat Risks

While the ERM committee may review the full tracker, K-12 school, college, and university employees who only need to complete Step 3 should view this information.
Download Tracker Step 3 »

Tracker Step 4 – Report and Monitor Risks

Use this tool to report progress made on top risks and identify next steps.
Download Tracker Step 4 »


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