Crisis Response Planning: A Guide for Conducting Tabletop Exercises

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About This Resource

A tabletop exercise is an effective and inexpensive way to prepare your institution to respond to a variety of campus crises ranging from fire to a student death. Such exercises can be used by administrators interested in testing and improving an institution’s emergency response procedures, such as a crisis response team reacting to a natural disaster or a threat assessment team intervening with a student who poses a risk of harm.  

This helpful guide from EduRisk includes:  

  • Facilitator’s Guide
  • Sample Participant Feedback Form
  • Sample Tabletop Scenarios:
    • Active Shooter
    • Bomb Threat and Detonation
    • Campus Fire
    • Arson

An effective tabletop scenario should be realistic, engage participants, and meet the exercise’s objectives. It should also be conducted in an environment conducive to participation. Prepare for the unexpected with this comprehensive guide for conducting tabletop exercises.


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    For the first fire scenario, wow, many code related problems prior to the actual fire. I would not want to be the local Fire Marshal or the individual responsible for campus life/safety. joeb

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