Guide to Manage Risks Associated With Program Change

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About This Resource

Economic pressures increasingly are forcing the boards and leaders of higher education institutions to confront the prospect of academic program changes, which range from reducing or terminating specific programs to altering institutional control (often through mergers among institutions) to the most drastic option, closing an institution. This guide discusses the major issues leadership must consider in contemplating any of the three types of program change, including common legal, accreditation, and reputational risks to the institution, and provides practical advice for addressing them. The resource stresses the importance of prioritizing student needs during any academic program change process but also explains how to address the interests of faculty and other employees. This publication is accompanied by four checklists that each provides more detailed guidance on a particular facet of academic program change: (1) general planning for all academic program changes; (2) program reduction or discontinuance; (3) change of institutional control; and (4) institutional closure.


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