Student Threat Assessment Teams

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Building and maintaining an effective team is the focus of Student Threat Assessment Teams, an online course from EduRisk®. It includes video insights from two nationally-recognized experts in threat assessment:

  • Dr. Marisa Randazzo, who served for ten years as the U.S. Secret Service’s Chief Research Psychologist
  • Dr. Gene Deisinger, who took charge of Virginia Tech’s threat management efforts in the wake of the 2007 shooting incident

Student Threat Assessment Teams focuses on best practices for:

  • Selecting the appropriate people and structure for your team
  • Improving the quality and effectiveness of reports
  • Analyzing reports and other information to determine when to intervene
  • Recording and sharing information
  • The course employs scenarios that help learners identify red flags and other danger signs. Knowing how to monitor and proactively deal with such potential threats can help your institution prevent future tragedies.

The content is specifically designed for college and university administrators interested in creating a team or improving their current process. To access the course, follow the link below.

Launch Student Threat Assessment Teams


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