Independent K-12 Schools Large Loss Report 2018

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About This Resource

The Independent K-12 Schools Large Loss Report 2018 summarizes major damage awards and settlements of $250,000 or more that affected independent K-12 schools from 2011 to 2017.

The cases include a $16.5 million settlement of more than 400 claims of sex abuse, an $8 million child abuse settlement with 88 former students, and a $4 million wrongful termination lawsuit. These descriptions are drawn from published accounts, and most do not involve United Educators (UE) members. However, they do reflect trends UE has seen among its claims. Complaints involved athletics injuries, child abuse, employment claims, harassment, and sexual molestation and assault.

Institutions and brokers can use this report to assess risk management programs and coverage needs at K-12 independent schools.


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