Protecting Children: Checklist for Supervisors

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About This Resource

Supervisors of employees who work with minors are often uniquely poised to prevent child sexual misconduct. For example, supervisors may vet candidates with access to minors through interviews and other screening practices. Additionally, school policies often identify supervisors as recipients of misconduct reports. For these reasons, supervisors of employees who have regular or unsupervised access to minors should understand institutions’ reporting practices and potential warning signs for child sexual misconduct.

This resource is a supplement to UE’s online course, Protecting Children: Identifying and Reporting Sexual Misconduct. Supervisors of employees, volunteers, or contractors with regular or unsupervised access to minors should consider the guidelines in this checklist in addition to the lessons presented in the course. Supervisors who are hiring managers should also take UE’s online course, Protecting Children: Hiring Staff Who Work With Minors, for more information on applications, interviews, reference checks, and background checks. Supervisors who are charged with participating in sexual misconduct investigations and discipline should review the UE checklist Protecting Minors on Campus from Sexual Misconduct: Conducting Sexual Misconduct Investigations and Discipline. 


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