Swimming Pool Safety

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About This Resource

A review of recent UE claims shows that swimming pools are an area of heightened risk for educational institutions. Since 2010, accidents in and around swimming pools have cost UE and its members more than $8 million to defend. The most common claims include:

  • Drownings and near drownings due to inexperienced swimmers, distracted lifeguards, and underwater breath-holding. The four most expensive claims were drownings, each costing UE and its member institutions more than $1 million.
  • Head injuries and broken bones from incorrect usage of diving boards, pool equipment, ladders, or improper supervision of pool patrons.
  • Lacerations caused by broken tiles, sharp objects in the pool or surrounding area, and poorly installed grates and filters.
  • Slip and fall cases caused by water on pool decks, walkways, and in locker rooms.
  • Burns, rashes, and respiratory illnesses from incorrect use of pool chemicals.

This checklist provides an overview of pool safety considerations, especially in supervision and operation. It is intended for institutions that own or operate pools, individual pool operators and supervisors, and athletic administrators and coaches.


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