Large Loss Report 2015

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The Large Loss Report 2015 summarizes major damage awards and settlements exceeding $250,000 that affected schools, colleges, and universities in 2014. Cases include a $1.28 million settlement in a sex discrimination lawsuit against a university, a $75 million settlement with the NCAA to settle class action lawsuits for head injuries, and a $139 million settlement in a K-12 sex abuse case—the largest settlement of its kind.

These descriptions are drawn from publicly available information, and most do not involve settlements affecting United Educators (UE) members. However, they do reflect trends UE has seen among its claims and demonstrate the need for effective risk management to protect institutions. Complaints involved child abuse, discrimination, harassment, medical care and research, sexual abuse and assaults, and wrongful deaths. Many of these claims affected public institutions, but similar incidents could lead to financial losses and reputational damage for independent schools, and private colleges and universities.


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