Sample Title IX Communications

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Title IX and sexual assault prevention continue to make national headlines. Educational institutions face questions about how they plan to respond to the latest federal requirements. UE recommends senior administration maintain clear and open communication about these issues, and many institutions have addressed this by sending letters to students, parents, faculty, and staff detailing steps the school is taking to better protect students.

When drafting a letter, UE recommends including:

  • A message from the president or other high-level member of faculty stating the institution's commitment to the issue of Title IX and sexual assault prevention
  • Any changes to existing policy
  • Information on other programs and trainings related to the issue

Sample Letters

University of Alabama: A Message From the President

University of Southern California: New Initiatives Against Sexual Misconduct for Fall 2014

Occidental College: A Letter to the Campus Community: The Audit and Assessment of Title IX Policies, Procedures and Practices report from Pepper Hamilton, LLC
Communication to the college community in the aftermath of a highly-publicized investigation. Letter includes links to the results of a report and an invite to an upcoming town hall session.

Washington and Lee University: Interim Sexual Harassment and Misconduct Policy: A Message to the Community
Letter from the president releasing an interim policy on sexual harassment and misconduct. Message includes links to a previous statement announcing work on a new harassment and misconduct policy.

Oregon State University: It's On Us to End Sexual Violence
Message from the president that contains links to resources related to this issue.

Stanford University: Combating Sexual Violence at Stanford
A letter from both the president and provost. Message contains links to resources, a notice of the hiring of a new Title IX investigator, and information related to sexual assault prevention.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Learning From Our Survey on Sexual Assault
This letter details information about sexual assault survey results. The message addresses concerns around the results, the school's commitment to the issues, and steps the college will take to address concerns.

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill: Campus Conversation on Sexual Assault
A letter from the chancellor noting changes to existing sexual assault and harassment policies. Communication includes links to policies and mention of the upcoming release of training courses for the campus community.

Williams College: Statement Regarding Sexual Assault
This letter details the school's response protocols, links to resources, and the school’s response to an online petition. Letter serves as a good model for how to respond to messages delivered through social media.


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