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About This Resource

Student lawsuits over accreditation are on the rise. Although relatively infrequent, these lawsuits are expensive and difficult to resolve. Colleges may bear significant losses because insurance doesn’t cover many common exposures in accreditation claims.

The potential loss of program or institutional accreditation needs to be closely monitored because of its severe consequences. Institutions must engage their boards of trustees and senior administrators in identifying risks. UE provides checklists for use by academic administrators, legal counsel, chief financial officers, and risk managers on the following topics:

  • Statements about accreditation
  • Monitoring early warning signs
  • Common issues that lead to accreditation problems
  • Managing a potential loss of accreditation
  • Managing a loss of program accreditation

Case studies illustrate good and bad practices in managing loss of program accreditation and emphasize lessons learned from UE claims:

  • Transparency is critical when accreditation problems develop.
  • Institutions need proactive cross-departmental teams to manage accreditation problems.
  • Institutions must show that they care about students and not just their reputations.

Read the report to learn more about effective handling of accreditation issues.


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