Checklist for Managing Study Abroad Programs in Independent Schools

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About This Resource

This checklist is designed for independent school administrators who oversee study abroad programs and administrators who manage the programs. It offers an overview of the primary risk management concerns of study abroad and gives school officials a guide for planning a new program or evaluating an existing program.

The checklist covers the major areas on which school administrators should focus, including:

  • Study abroad program formation and approval
  • Selection and preparation of program leaders
  • Student selection and pre-departure orientation
  • On-site orientation
  • Managing key risks during the program
  • Program evaluations by students, parents, and leaders

For example, the section on managing key risks addresses concerns related to:

  • Accidental death or injury
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Assault
  • Discrimination and harassment
  • General violations of school policies

Download the checklist to measure your school’s preparedness.


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