Prevent Sexual Abuse by Improving Volunteer Management at in Public Schools

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About This Resource

While volunteers are a critical part of school functions, they often do not receive the same scrutiny as full-time faculty members. Yet, because they often work with children, sexual abuse by volunteers is a very real and potentially catastrophic risk. Based on claims research, UE offers this guidance regarding volunteer screening, supervision, and training:

  • Develop a volunteer application that probes applicants' personalities and motivations
  • Conduct a reference check and discuss discrepancies with the applicant
  • Interview potential volunteers
  • Perform background checks with an appropriate level of scrutiny depending on the volunteer's level of contact with children
  • Use appropriate supervision when working with volunteers 
  • Train volunteer supervisors to recognize signs of abuse, and emphasize their obligations and responsibilities
  • Carefully document the application process and procedures for supervision

For more information, including an illustrative, hypothetical example, read Prevent Sexual Abuse by Improving Volunteer Management at Public Schools.


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