Checklist: A Guide for Reviewing Contracts

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About This Resource

Thorough contract review is important before an educational institution signs and legally agrees to anything in writing. This helpful guide can help those at your institution with contract review responsibilities to ensure that they are well-equipped to make the call on whether to sign.  

While contracts involving complex transactions or specialized areas of law, such as construction, real estate, software licenses, technology transfers, finance and investment, or employment issues would likely be beyond the scope of this guide, routine contracts are covered thoroughly. Things to remember when reviewing a routine contract include:

  • The contract’s core terms should be clear, accurate, and easy to understand
  • The purpose of the contract should be described completely and accurately
  • All documents, websites, or other resources referenced in the contract must be reviewed to confirm that they are consistent with the contract’s terms
  • The institution must be able to perform its promises within the contract’s duration and performance milestones
  • The contract should contain a risk allocation provision that is clearly written and easy to understand  

Though supplemental review by an attorney may be necessary at times, routine contracts should be reviewed using this checklist by whoever is well-versed on the subject matter and integrally involved with the performance.


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